What is Clinical Neuropsychology?

Neuropsychology assesses behavioral impairment due to disease processes or problems within the brain. Neuropsychology quantifies these brain-change caused behaviors that affect an individuals safety, level of independence, judgment, driving skills, use of power equipment or tools, and kitchen appliances. A neuropsychological report will be able to describe school or educational needs and possible rehabilitation needs such as Physical, Speech, or Occupational Therapy. We also work with physicians and other health professionals on an in or outpatient basis.

What is a Neuropsychological Evaluation?

A comprehensive assessment of one’s unique cognitive and behavioral functions includes a careful review of one’s personal bio-psychosocial history and utilizes a set of standardized and empirical test batteries and procedures. Various domains of cognitive function are systematically measured and interpreted, which may include:

What can an evaluation do for me?

Neuropsychological Evaluations are recommended for suspected brain-based cognitive or behavioral changes in function. The assessment diagnoses or rules out many conditions, and can help describe the severity of a person’s cognitive deficits, along with possible recommendations for treatment.
Such conditions can include:

A comprehensive exploration of one’s functions and behaviors can be critical in determining what factors may have produced changes in thinking and behavior, as well as a better understanding of disease expression, progress, and individual recovery.